Who is the SHADOWILLOWIST and Geshe Roache Lee

This is not a contest, just a simple survey. I need answers from the public, to aid in proving something as simple as, that a longtime ongoing by design, criminal stalking by a group or groups, really exists, being perpetrated boldly in public, where for the first time regular citizens, have witnessed it, and has plainly seen the collusion between different groups, and seen them as they apply different group stalking techniques, on a specific targeted individual. Although as of yet, the general public is not aware of exactly what they are witnessing or hearing, so haven't been able to define it either, as a simple criminal stalking. TO HEAR EXAMPLES RELATED TO THIS NEW, SHARED INTERCOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKING, TYPE OF STALKING PHENOMENON, WHICH HAS NOW BEEN NAMED, ORGANIZED STALKING, GO TO: http://www.geocities.com/shadowillowist/index.html

Why during the most popular shows and movies has, the names Shadowillowist, and at times Geshe Roache Lee been editted in, even reedited into old movies. If you haven't noticed it listen. Those names pop up during conversation, between characters. It usually is only once or twice during a whole movie or show. Usually the actors do dialogue, with a name or two associated with a specific person, place or thing, and it is kept pertinent to the storyline, integral to the show, but related to the targeted individual, who is being harassed here, as well as in other places in their real lives. Maybe it goes over the viewers heads, unoticed by most viewers because it is so brief, and almost seems innocuous, and no one picks up on the subject because they are not familiar with the stalking technique's storyline, and characters within the overall show storyline. Unless pointed out, it is almost hidden. The techniques for this style stalking have been named and characterized on, all organized stalking web sites, which have popped up in recent years. Usually these acts are carried out live, with real people, in realtime, on individuals, who know now that they have been targeted for, longtime, ongoing, harassment sometimes by parties unknown. For many, it takes on the form of workplace harassment. One member of my NA homegroup stated something to this effect also. About me getting it for a long, long time, as it became ongoing and escalated, sno-balling, as my targeting was passed on to others. It is a whole new dimention centered around, and added to, the previous simple act of, criminal single stalking, which now has had to lead to a new definition, which because it involves a group, became known as multiple staking. See the legal defintion of, a single stalker stalking. Certain perameters have to be met before the police will define a person's activities as stalking and a person as a stalker. By using a group, no one gets to act alone long enough to, fit that legal definition of a single stalker. It might be labeled as, tag team stalking. Previously a single stalker had to be around every day, but when a group is involved they can rotate, take turns and do it in shifts, thereby relieving any one person of that single stalking perameter. In the worst of cases, a targeted individual will face stalking, and harassment right on the street, inside the workplace, and at its worst be hit with this or similar type media harassment. It is meant to invade, or pervade every facet of a targets life. To spoil every thing that a target might do or, wish to do. The newer phenomenon is, that once targeted by a group, the harassment continues, and is ongoing. The word is passed and usually involves, especially in smaller communities, smear tactics, gossip campaigns, where rumors are spread, lies are fabricated and passed around as truth way in advance of a person's entry even into a new community, done all behind their backs and passed with the aid of electronic means used to influence large amounts of the population. Mine also involves, electronic sound verbal stalking, as heard in the media examples, of which I have presented, to be found at http://www.geocities.com/shadowillowist/index.html Electronic appliances are used as weapons, a means to cause sound disturbances in the targets life. Instead of playing a loud stereo to disturb, recordings and live versions of verbal harassments are used close up also. Imagine hearing a tape recording coming from a neighbor's all night, calling you names, and insulting your family, making threats all night long. Now imagine several neighbors each taking turns. Some of the origins, my beginnings, and my struggles to solve the mystery of why me, and who is behind this seventeen year old campaign, may be found at http://www.geocities.com/rationaldl/index.html Here you will see the partial roots, related to my particlar harassment campaign. This decidedly stems from, people centered around the NYS, Westchester Countty, 12 step programs, and recovery communities of, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The total supportive services areas which care for the poor addicts. Way back there then, as demanded by these programs, it came time for me to write my life story, giving details of my life to be read before God and another human being, my sponsor, or step group guide, that then unknown agents and agencies started this hate and bias campaign, trying to use this written life story for blackmail, and coercion, in order to keep my mouth shut, all while this covrt campaign of harassment contimued to take place. Coercion, and blackmail it is, to be sure. This piece or written work enjoys the status of cleric Congergant Priviledge under law. To violate this, violates all recovery premises, but they did it out of a desperation. My own groups got caught up in outsiders activities and betrayals. Media involvement definitely involves the passing of information from these groups to them, to be fed back as part of this ruse perpetrated on the public. IT CULMINATED in NA and AA, WITH A SET UP BY MY PEERS, AN IDENTIFICATION BY PEERS, TO OUTSIDERS, AND EVENTUAL CAR ACCIDENT, A VEHICULAR MAYHEM, PERPETRATED ON THE WRONG MAN IN A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY, AFTER A NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS MEETING, OF MY OWN HOME GROUP.

These names are even overdubbed into decades old movies and series. NYC University stations which show these have given many examples.It pops up everywhere, with almost subliminals even in the applause tracks. All this takes an enormous amount of effort. The pseudonym or nick name wasn't used in these programs years ago. Why would any group go to such lengths? Here is one possible theory. For something to be dubbed into, or even be edited into a showbiz piece, like a television show or movie, sound technicians have to dub in actors voices at a later date. Actors go into a studio, and read their parts which are synchronized, and edited in to whatever piece that is being worked on. Since most shows are independant of each other, it becomes clear that members of the sound tech unions, are at work here. That there is indeed a type of electronic stalking going on involving a particular group, which here, can be identified as the collective sound tech unions. here is where the terms multi, group or gangstalking came plainly in this case into being. Stalking by a group, rather than by, one sick, depraved individual. It is simple stalking in all the degrees, taken to the "Nth" power, now.

one possible theory to the Geshe Roach Lee and Shadow Willowist, insertions in dialogue.

I value your opinions. Especially if you can pick up on this in any media presentations or have already. You the audience, tell me what it is about. Check out the few small examples that I have presented at http://www.geocities.com/shadowillowist/index.html Listen as directed, there is alot of description on how to listen, and transcripts relating to this electronic verbal abuse harassment being done or carried into buildings. This is sound, verbal harassment used at all times, especially at night as people sleep, maybe on you, by your neighbors. They are difficult to catch on tape and are very faint. Headphones will help. I recomend this or to hold your speakers tightly to your ears. E-mail shadowillowist@yahoo.com

What is the shadow?